Our campus address is 13443 Burgess Ave., Walker 70785

Carpool can be accessed at the corner of Stump Street and Wildcat Drive. It's the same corner where Walker Elementary is found. Once you enter you can follow the drive around and drop your student in the area adjacent to the canopy. You will continue from there and it is a LEFT TURN ONLY back onto Wildcat Drive to leave. (See Map Below)

Earliest drop time is 6:55.

NOTE: We are required to check temperatures as your student exits their vehicle. Please wait until we are able to complete this before driving on. If a student's temperature is greater than 100.4 we will ask the student to re-enter your vehicle and pull to the side. We will come back to your vehicle and check the student again at the conclusion of carpool. If the temperature still exceeds the guidelines we will ask your student to stay with you so you can address the potential illness.