C Student Expectations

While we understand there may be specific, individual concerns regarding health, schedules, etc., we feel strongly that daily site attendance is the most beneficial to our students in maximizing their learning. For that reason, we will continue to recommend student attendance, as much as the State and individual situations will allow us, to be the best course for students.

C students are expected to maintain a daily schedule consistently accessing the Google Classroom and other resources to engage with their studies. We will have staff reaching out starting the week of 8/3 to walk students through their log ins and accessing the applications. Parents/students will need to complete and submit a “C” Day Virtual Learning Contract (Click Here) with the school. It can be scanned or a photo taken of the completed form and emailed to sammie.lacara@lpsb.org. A hard copy may be picked up and submitted to the office if this is more convenient. Access to devices is based on a need & capability basis. Anyone qualifying for a device will need to complete an agreement for its use after meeting with an administrator. Anyone qualifying for a device will be responsible for lost or damaged devices.

Extracurricular Activities: C students will not participate (Atletics, band, clubs, etc.)

C students are expected to participate daily just as their A/B peers would. If a daily assignment is not being accessed/completed due to issues (technology or otherwise), it is the student’s responsibility to communicate the issue to the teacher. If they do NOT reach out and communicate with the teacher no extension will be granted, the student would be marked absent, and the student may not receive credit for the assignment. With proper notice, they will have until the end of the day following the assignment date to complete the work unless a later specific due date is provided by the teacher or the absence involved extended illness or other designated excusable events (Ex- illness, court, funeral, etc. will still be utilized as normal. Notification still must be given to the teacher).


If students fail to complete daily assignments or they are not made up within provided expectations, the student will be marked absent for the virtual day and may not receive credit for the overdue work. Repeated lack of engagement or tardiness may result in truancy concerns and a re-evaluation of the C Pathway option for the student will be considered. Again, students are expected to access and engage school just as their peers do.

To assist students in managing assignments and maintaining engagement our expectations are:

Students will complete daily assignments the day they are assigned.


If issues arise (technology or otherwise) the student must provide notification to the teacher by the end of the day (12:00-Midnight) following the day the lesson/work is given unless a specific later due date is provided by the teacher. 

Ex.:        Monday- due end of day Tuesday

              Tuesday- due end of day Wednesday

              Wednesday- due end of day Thursday

              Thursday- due end of day Friday

              Friday- due end of day Sunday

Failure to follow these expectations can result in truancy concerns and reevaluation of this pathway for student learning.