Grading Procedures:


During the school year, students will receive  four report cards, one at the end of each 9 weeks. In addition, 4 interim reports will be issued during the year. The report cards will be a cumulative grade of the entire 9 week's work. Interim grades are cumulative as well. When a student misses an assignment/test due to an absence, a 0 will be recorded in the gradebook until the assignment/test is made up and graded.


Weighted Grades







Each student is expected to do his or her own work unless specified by the teacher. Any student who cheats, copies another’s work, or allows another student to copy their work may receive a zero for that assignment or test. Reminder – If an assignment has a due date, then that is the day it is due. If it is late, you may not receive full credit. You need to become accustomed to meeting deadlines; do not wait or procrastinate!

Grading Scale:

Regular classes                  

93 – 100 A                          

85 –  92 B                            

75 –  84 C                            

67 –  74 D                            

  0 –  66 F                           

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